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SPIRou postdoctoral position

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 29/04/2015


SPIRou postdoctoral position

Practical information

deadline for application : 2015 June 5th / stating date : 2015 Sep 1st
Job category : post-doctoral positions / fellowships
Duration : 2 yr
Institute / Company name : Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées (OMP)
Address : OMP, 14 avenue Belin, F-31400 Toulouse, France
Submission address : dir @ obs-mip . fr / Contact address : jean-francois.donati @ irap . omp . eu

Job description

Dedicated to the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), SPIRou is a spectropolarimeter / high-precision velocimeter working at nIR wavelengths (0.98-2.35 µm), aiming at (i) detecting Earth-like planets orbiting around nearby M dwarfs on the one hand, and (ii) studying the impact of magnetic fields on star / planet formation on the other hand. France is highly involved in SPIRou - scientifically, technically and financially - with Toulouse (OMP), Grenoble (OSUG), Marseille (Pytheas Institute) and Paris (IAP) playing leading roles in the project. Currently in construction in the participating institutes, SPIRou will be integrated and validated in Toulouse, before being implemented at CFHT in 2017. Once validated at CFHT, SPIRou will carry out a major Legacy-type survey of several hundreds of stars (M dwarfs, PMS stars). SPIRou will also play a key role in the ground follow-up of exoplanet space missions such as TESS (NASA, 2017), CHEOPS (ESA, 2017) and later-on PLATO (ESA, 2024).

The successful candidate for this 2 yr postdoctoral position will be based at OMP in Toulouse and will spend 50% of his / her time on duties (Service d’Observation / SO) related to SPIRou (main contact JF Donati, IRAP / OMP). More specifically :
he / she will be involved in the integration of SPIRou in Toulouse, scheduled from 2015 Q4 to 2017 Q2 ; he / she will also carry out the numerous validation tests of the whole instrument once integration is complete (main contact X Delfosse, IPAG / OSUG) ;
he / she will also be able to participate to the construction / validation of the reduction pipeline (main contact F Bouchy, LAM / Pytheas Institute), especially on aspects related to spectropolarimetry, velocimetry, telluric lines, and automatic data-quality checks.

In addition, he / she will have the opportunity of carrying out his / her own research programme and to actively participate to the science preparation of SPIRou, e.g., via a potential contribution to the ongoing Large Programmes using ESPaDOnS at CFHT and NARVAL at TBL (Pic du Midi, OMP), in which the OMP science teams are heavily involved.

Holding a PhD in observational astrophysics, the successful candidate will have extensive prior experience in spectroscopy, and if possible in spectropolarimetry / high-precision velocimetry, in the integration of complex astrophysical instruments and / or in the optimized reduction / acquisition of spectropolarimetric / velocimetric data.

For more information on this position, contact JF Donati. Submissions should be made by e-mail to dir @ before 2015 June 05 via a single pdf document containing at least a motivation letter, names of up to three references, a CV and a detailed research project.

For more information on SPIRou, visit the SPIRou web site



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