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Stellar magnetic maps

Zeeman-Doppler Imaging gallery

Par Pascal Petit - 8/10/2007


Stellar magnetic maps

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This page contains maps of stellar surface magnetic field and cool spot occupancy, obtained by means of Zeeman-Doppler Imaging. All following animations present a map of cool spots (upper left panel) and all three components of the magnetic field in spherical coordinates (upper right and lower panels). Magnetic field strength is given in Gauss.

HR 1099 (V711 Tau)

This star is the K1 primary component of a close binary system. Its rotation period is equal to 2.8 days (while the Sun rotation period is equal to 28 days). Its mass is roughly equal to that of the Sun, but this is a more evolved object, belonging to the subgiant branch.
mpeg format (2.2 mo)

HD 199178

This star is a fast-rotating giant of the FK Com class. Its short rotation period may indicate that this star is in fact a coalesced close binary. Its mass is higher than that of the Sun (1.65 Msun) and its rotation period is equal to 3.3 days.
mpeg format (2.2 mo)



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