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TeV emission from binaries

Andrzej Zdziarski (CAMK, Varsovie, Pologne)

Par Stephane Charpinet - 18/04/2008


Séminaires d’Astrophysique

de l’Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

Séminaire de


 (CAMK, Varsovie, Pologne)

Jeudi 26 Juin 2008 à 11h


TeV emission from binaries

I will discuss models of the TeV emission from X-ray binaries, discovered in recent years by the HESS and MAGIC telescopes. In the case of PSR B1259-63, LS I +61 303 and LS 5039, the most likely model of the observed persistent emission is interaction of the electron-positron pair wind emitted by a young pulsar with the stellar wind from the high-mass Be/O companion. Cyg X-1 is now the only case of TeV emission from a confirmed accreting binary. I will discuss whether the transient emission observed from this source could originate from the black hole vicinity in spite of photon-photon pair absorption.



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