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SPIRou - main scientific drivers

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 29/09/2008


SPIRou : main scientific drivers

SPIRou will essentially be dedicated to:
detecting earth-like planets in habitable zones of low-mass stars;
investigating magnetised star/planet formation;
dynamo processes in brown dwarfs.

It can also be used for:
exploring stellar environments & envelopes;
other potential applications.

Most of the selected science programs have similar requirements:
spectral domain: 0.98-2.4µm (w/ full coverage up to at least 2µm)
spectral resolution > 50,000 (70,000 if possible)
radial velocity accuracy < 1m/s
S/N=150 per 3km/s pixel in 1hr @ J=12 & K=11
thermal background from instrument in the K band smaller than telescope thermal emission (main contributor to the K band), ie K>13.5
all polarisation states accessible with >99% efficiency and <1% crosstalk over full spectral domain



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