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SPIRou : tip/tilt image stabilisation system

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 10/09/2008


SPIRou : tip/tilt image stabilisation system

To stabilise the image of the star at Cassegrain focus and improve the image quality, the injection efficiency, the guiding performance and the RV stability, we plan to use a tip/tilt module located just after the atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC). We aim at obtaining an image quality of ~0.5" and an image stability of ~0.02".
To preserve the polarimetric information and minimise crosstalk problems between polarisation states, we need to avoid oblique reflections and use a transmission tip/tilt module, made of a small glass plate correcting in real time the high-frequency motion of the image at Cassegrain focus.

This unit is fairly standard, easy and cheap to develop (no R&D needed).



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