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SPIRou : modifications to the GIANO cryogenic bench/tank

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 4/09/2008


SPIRou : modifications to the GIANO cryogenic bench/tank

The spectrograph cryostat (copied from GIANO) is a stainless steel cylinder (2m long & 1.3m wide) with standard multilayer thermal shield, containing an optical bench/tank (also copied from GIANO) isostatically mounted on a hexapod system and filled with liquid nitrogen (100l). Pressure (10-5 mbar) and thermal (77K) control within the cryostat ensures an ultra-accurate (0.01K) long-term stability of the instrument. All optical components are installed on the bench via a 4mm cover plate used as a thermal interface. Cooling the whole system requires about 400l of LN2 while maintaining the system at working temperature uses about 25l/d. Temperature stability is obtained by controlling the pressure of the out-boiling gas within 1mbar.

The optical design that we have is different than that of GIANO. The physical dimensions are however similar, implying that we can almost exactly replicate the existing bench/tank design with minimal changes to the overall properties and performances. We will work out the detail of these changes in the next design stage, in collaboration with the GIANO team.



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