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SPIRou : project & science team

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 21/10/2008


SPIRou : project & science team

SPIRou is a collaborative project proposed jointly by Toulouse (LATT) and Grenoble (LAOG) and to which up to 5+ countries are involved worldwide (Taiwan, Canada, Switzerland, UK, USA). Listed below are the names of the persons already (or planning to be) involved in SPIRou.

Project team:
PI : JF Donati, Toulouse
PM : D Kouach, Toulouse
IS : X Delfosse, Grenoble
SE : E Artigau, ??? (tbc)
Optics: P Rabou, Grenoble & L Parès, Toulouse
Cryogenics: M Bouyé, Toulouse & Ph Feautrier, Grenoble
Mechanics: G Gallou, B Dubois, Toulouse
Detector: SY Wang, Taiwan
Control: S Baratchart, M Dupieux, Toulouse
CFHT contact: G Barrick

All key people are therefore already identified and available to work on SPIRou (if selected and when needed). While we do not have a System Engineer position yet, we already have a very good candidate; E Artigau, a specialist in cryo-optomechanics from Montreal (Doyon's team) and presently working @ Gemini-S, is an optimal candidate for the job and is very interested in the position. We are therefore asking for a position at INSU for the specific needs of SPIRou.

In a broader science context, many people are very interested with SPIRou, given the very unique science opportunity that it will represent for stellar/planet research in particular. A list of the core science team is given below.
JF Donati, P Fouqué (Toulouse)
X Delfosse, X Bonfils, J Bouvier, T Forveille, F Ménard, C Dougados (Grenoble)
C Catala, E Lellouch, V Hill (Meudon)
C Moutou, M Deleuil (Marseille)
A Cameron, M Jardine, S Gregory, J Barnes
F Pepe, P Figueira
D Bohlender, J Landstreet, G Walker
SY Wang, DV Trung, J Lim
E Shkolnik



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