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SPIRou : operations & data processing

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 10/09/2008


SPIRou : operations

Operations of SPIRou will be very much like (and derived from) that of ESPaDOnS.
As SPIRou is essentially a point & shoot instrument (with a unique instrument configuration), there will only be a very limited number of motors to operate (ADC, tip/tilt, calibration & density wheels in the interface module, rhombs in the polarimeter, shutters & focus in the spectrograph). In addition to those, we will need temperature and pressure controls for the cryogenics spectrograph. The overall instrument control is therefore expected to be fairly similar to that of ESPaDOnS.

We expect to operate SPIRou in the very same way as ESPaDOnS, starting and ending each night with a series of calibration frames, and taking sequential series of 4 subexposures on each star we look at. We will then process spectra in real time with the automatic pipeline reduction routine and will derive polarised spectra, LSD profiles and accurate RVs on the fly.

The whole operation of SPIRou will be mostly automated - as it is for ESPaDOnS - recording all calibration frames, taking all astronomical exposures on a given star, or reducing all collected data with a single command line.



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