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SPIRou : other potential applications

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 12/09/2008


SPIRou : other potential applications

Chemistry & winds in the atmospheres of solar-system planets:
High resolution spectra and precise RVs (estimated from differents sets of specific spectral lines) over the visible hemisphere of solar-system planets can tell us how winds distribute both horizontally and vertically at the planet surfaces. With its large nIR domain and high precision RVs, SPIRou will be particularly well adapted for such tasks and will usefully complement observations secured from space.

Chemical evolution & kinematics of the MilkyWay - stellar archeology:
With its large spectral domain (eg compared to CRIRES@VLT), SPIRou will be highly competitive for measuring elemental abundances and velocities both in the bulge and in the distant regions of our Galaxy. It will also be very useful for studies on stellar archeology aiming at abundances of elements in giant stars whose spectrum in only accessible in the nIR (eg F & K) - to be compared with predictions of evolutionary models & nucleosynthesis.

Extragalactic astronomy & cosmology:
SPIRou can also provide a wealth of information on topics like damped Ly-alpha systems, black holes in obscured AGNs, or absorption lines against GRBs @ z>2.5.



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