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MagIcS meeting - Magnetic fields of fully-convective dwarfs

Par Jean-Francois Donati - 15/04/2009


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MagIcS meeting

Magnetic fields of
fully-convective dwarfs

Toulouse - 2009 Apr 16/17

Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées (OMP), Coriolis conference room

Getting there :
from the airport to Hotel Victor Hugo : take the airport shuttle up to Jean-Jaurès stop

from Hotel Victor Hugo to Université Paul Sabatier : use subway line B (yellow on map) from Jean-Jaurès to Université Paul Sabatier

from Université Paul Sabatier to OMP : either walk (20min) or take bus 68/51/108 to ENAC (see University campus map w/ subway station @ D3 & OMP @ A5)

Thursday April 16

09:45-10:00 : foreword (JF Donati)

Observations of surface fields (chair JF Donati)

10:00-10:50 : surface magnetic fields from Zeeman broadening of unpolarised spectral lines (A Reiners)

10:50-11:40 : large-scale magnetic topologies & differential rotation from spectropolarimetric data (J Morin)

11:40-12:00 : coffee break

Numerical simulations of fully-convective dynamos (chair M Jardine)

12:00-12:50 : direct numerical simulations of fully-convective stars with ASH (M Browning)

12:50-13:40 : direct numerical simulations of fully-convective stars with the Pencil code (B Dintrans/J Morin)

13:40-15:00 : lunch

Modelling the formation & internal structure (chair J Bouvier)

15:00-15:50 : theoretical vs empirical Rossby numbers of M/L dwarfs (G Chabrier)

15:50-16:40 : impact of magnetic fields & accretion on the internal structure of very-low-mass stars (I Baraffe)

16:40-17:00 : coffee break

17:00-17:50 : magnetospheric accretion in young very-low-mass stars - observations & models (S Mohanty)

20:30 : dinner at ’Saveurs des Paradoux’ downtown Toulouse

Friday April 17

Rotation & activity (chair T Forveille)

09:00-09:50 : optical activity vs spectral type & age (A West)

09:50-10:40 : radio emission - spectral dependence & quiescent emission pulses (G Hallinan)

10:40-11:00 : coffee break

11:00-11:50 : X-ray emission - spectral dependence, coronal properties & flares (M Gudel)

Rotational evolution & spin down (chair G Chabrier)

11:50-12:40 : rotation evolution of very-low-mass stars in young open clusters (J Bouvier)

12:40-14:00 : lunch

14:00-14:50 : rotation velocities and magnetic braking of very-low-mass stars (A Reiners)

14:50-15:40 : coronal topologies and magnetic braking of M dwarfs (M Jardine)

15:40-16:00 : coffee break

Summary & prospects (chair G Basri)

16:00-16:30 : summary

16:30-17:30 : identify new coordinated key-projects

17:30-18:00 : define observations / simulations / instruments needed



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