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Abstract Truswin Raksasataya

Fresnel Diffractive Interferometric arrays (FDIAs)

Par Julien Morin - 26/05/2009


Truswin Raksasataya

Directeur(s) de thèse : Laurent Koechlin
Intitulé : Fresnel Diffractive Interferometric arrays (FDIAs)

Fresnel diffractive and interferrometric array is new approach to achieve the better angular resolution and dynamic range of the space telescope concept. The collective subapertures in the FDIAs recombine the light beam to reconstruct the image. The concept of diffractive and interferrometry yield the image constructed by the FDIAs can possibly achieve the higher angular resolution and contrast.

With the new design of the optical device to enhance the optical performance of the second generation of FDIAs, FDIAs is implemented on the test bench to characterize and evaluate the performance. The development of the second generation of the FDIAs is currently ongoing. Thus the design and structure of hardware and software has been carefully modified to move over to field testing.

Since the FDIAs can be applied in the broad band spectrum from UV, visible to infrared, the characteristic is tested to evaluate the performance in Space observation. With the collaboration of NUVA Group (Network for Ultraviolet Astronomy), FDIAs images demonstrate its characteristic and its capability to observed in Ultraviolet range. The high angular resolution property of FDIAs in the UV range yields to reconstruct the image up to 190pc by 30 arc millisecond. Image has been tested to observe the side effect of using the FDIAs, which has the orthogonal spike due to the subaperture of the FDIAs.

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