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Differential Rotation and Convection in the Sun

Steven Balbus (LRA, ENS Paris) — au LATT

Par Francois RINCON - 10/09/2009


Séminaires d’Astrophysique

de l’Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

Séminaire de


(LRA, ENS Paris)

Jeudi 15 Octobre 2009 à 11h

OMP, salle Coriolis

Differential Rotation and Convection in the Sun

The differential rotation profile of the solar convection zone, apart from inner and outer boundary layers, can be reproduced with great accuracy if the isorotation contours correspond to characteristic solutions of the classical vorticity equation. The solution for these characteristics is simple and analytic. This result requires that there be a formal quantitative relationship involving the entropy and the angular velocity. In this talk, I will precisely specify this relationship, and explain how it arises naturally from the dynamics of convection and differential rotation. Direct support for the entropy/angular velocity relationship can be seen in published numerical simulations of the solar convection zone. The theory can also be used diagnostically for the internal entropy structure of the solar convective zone, and may be extended to fully convective stars.



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