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M2R ASEP UE33: TP1 "Numerical methods"

Par Boris Dintrans - 28/11/2014


M2R ASEP UE33: TP1 "Numerical methods"

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First part: the heat equation


You will also need the following Python module for the implicit method (tridiagonal solver):

Second part: the advection equation



If you want to replay this practical session on your own computer, you need to have Python+Matplotlib installed:
-  under Linux : Python is installed by default and you just need to be sure that the Matplotlib is also present. A simple installation using rpm (Fedora/RedHat) or apt-get (Ubuntu/Debian) commands is sometimes required.
-  under Windows or Mac OS: the simple way to install Python is to download the free Enthought distribution:

Indeed, this package provide all the modules you need to work well under Python.

Another possibility is to install a virtual machine and then to run Python inside this Linux client. See e.g. the free Virtualbox software from Oracle:



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