packing, shipping and transport

The following pictures were taken by the OMP team members while packing the instrument with the people from the company contracted for both both packing and shipping, and by CFHT people while unpacking the big ESPaDOnS containers atop Mauna Kea.

Packing and shipping

All small and medium sized individual units were securely wrapped and stored in 7 wooden crates; along with the biggest items (spectrograph table and enclosure), these crates were then put together in two main containers carried out to Amsterdam on an antivibration truck with airconditionning, then by airplane cargo to Honolulu.

Arrival at CFHT

Once customs were cleared in Honolulu, ESPaDOnS was sent to the Big Island, then carried out by truck to the top of Mauna Kea on July 12. The big containers were unpacked at floor level and all wooden crates plus the biggest items (spectrograph table and enclosure) were transported to the fourth level (Coude room) were most ESPaDOnS items will continue their life from now on.

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