project team and budget

Project core team

A total of 15 scientist/engineers/technicians/administrators, mostly from Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, were involved for about 5 years (from 1999 to 2004) in the design, construction and integration of ESPaDOnS: On the cfht side, a number of scientists/engineers (Greg Barrick, William Rambold, Tom Vermeulen, Todd Szarlan, Sidik Isani, Jeff Ward, Nadine Manset and Remi Cabanac) were also involved sporadically in advising the ESPaDOnS team during the construction, in testing the instrument once integrated and in setting up the graphical user interface.

International contacts

Although not directly associated with the design and construction of the instrument, a few other scientists were also actively involved throughout the whole project duration, in particular for helping attracting official's interest on ESPaDOnS and raising the funds needed to start and complete the construction:


The total project budget is 755 k€.

Funds were provided by:

This budget breaks down into the usual engineering categories as follows:

The budget breakdown by instrument module is:

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