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I am a member of the solar and stellar magnetism group of Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Toulouse. My work mainly concentrates on studying the physical origins and evolutionary impact of magnetic fields in stars. These problems are not very well understood at present times even in the particular case of the Sun, despite the rather drastic effects the solar magnetic field can have on our direct environment (aurorae, large scale surges on electricity grids, satellite losses, climate changes...). Viewing the Sun in an evolutionary context and studying the magnetic fields of many different type of stars in general is a very promising way of better understanding the particular problem of the Sun. In this aim, I have been working on the following topics:

A new research project along these ideas was just funded by CNRS in the framework of the so-called "Actions Thématique Incitative sur Programmes". A specific web page gives all details about it.

This work is done in collaboration with various people around the world, mainly M. Semel and P. Petit from France, A. Collier Cameron and M. Jardine from Scotland, J.D. Landstreet and G.A. Wade from Canada and B.D. Carter from Australia.

My most recent publications are available here as soon as accepted.

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