project structure

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Project PIs

The project is managed by 2 PIs working in close collaboration, one from the French community (JF Donati) and one from the Canadian community (GA Wade). Their main task is to act as chair and co-chair of the project steering committee, which decides the main topics on which the project is focusing on. They also ensure that the scientific output of the project is maximised, eg that the various threads collaborate together as much as possible and that the LEGACY aspect is fully operational.

Project steering committee

The steering committee includes mostly the thread coordinators; this committee is where most of the main project orientations (eg CFHT Large Observing Programs) are discussed and decided.
Agency/Country cool stars massive starsexoplanets
F Bouvier, Donati, Forveille, Ménard, P Petit Catala, Neiner, Zahn Moutou, Deleuil
C Charbonneau, Pudritz Landstreet, StLouis, Wade Bohlender, Walker
O Jardine, Marsden Bagnulo, Kochukhov Cameron
H Shkolnik
US Valenti Owocki

The full community

MagIcS gathers more than 100 astronomers from 10+ countries.
Agency/Country cool stars massive starsexoplanets
F Aulanier, Baglin, Ballot, Baraffe, Bouvier, Brun, Chabrier, Crifo, Delfosse, Dintrans, Donati, Dougados, Ferreira, Forveille, Fromang, Grosso, Henebelle, Josselin, deLaverny, Lèbre, Lopez-Ariste, Mathias, Ménard, Montmerle, Morin, Palacios, Paletou, P Petit, Ramirez, Recio-Blanco, Rincon, Semel, Soubiran, Terquem Alecian, Aurière, Böhm, Bouret, Catala, HuiBonHoa, Lignières, Martins, Mathis, Neiner, Stehle, Zahn Bouchy, Deleuil, Farès, Guillot, Griessmeier, Moutou, Vidal-Madjar
C Banerjee, Charbonneau, Dobler, Duffin, Houde, Milone, Mochnacki, Ouyed, Pudritz, Rucinski Drissen, Folsom, Grunhut, Landstreet, Michaud, Moffat, V Petit, Power, Robert, StLouis, Sylvester, Wade Bohlender, Croll, Matthews, Walker
O Barnes, Berdyugina, Brandenburg, Gregory, Harries, Hussain, Jardine, Jeffers, Keller, Küker, Marsden, Martin, Mohanty, Reiners, Rüdiger, Schmitt, Solanki, Symington, Unruh Bagnulo, Braithwaite, Drew, Fullerton, Harries, Henrichs, Howarth, Hubrig, Kaper, Kochukhov, Lanz, Luftinger, North, Oudmaijer, Piskunov, Vink Aigrain, Cameron, Fridlund, Udry
H Harrington, Kuhn Shkolnik
T Lim, Phan-Bao, Wang Trung
US Browning, Feigelson, Johns-Krull, Kulkarni, Kurosawa, Long, Lovelave, Romanova, Saar, Toomre, Valenti Gagné, Ignace, Oksala, Owocki, Townsend, UdDoula