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28/03/1994 - 04/04/1994 Roque de los Muchachos, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain Jacobus Kaptein Telescope, 1m R. Pello, J.F Le Borgne, R. Vilchez
25/12/1994 - 01/01/1995 Mount Stromblo and Siding Spring, Australia 2.3m at Mount Stromblo A. Lancon

Spectrograph: 1m Jacobus Kaptein Telescope at La Palma

Richardson-Brealey Spectrograph: RBS

CCD: EEV7 1242*1152, pixel size 22.5 microns, ron 4e rms, gain 0.76 e/ADU, linear to 75000 ADUs
Grating: 600 lines/mm, dispersion 1.7A/pixel
slit: 1.5"
Use of blue or red optics:
blue optics:

red optics:
The JKT dome and RBS spectrograph on the telescope:

Spectrograph: 2.3m at Mount Stromblo

Double Beam Spectrograph.


Use of a raster 1160*150 pixels. The A/D converter had a gain de 1e/ADU, good linearity up to 65300 ADU.
Grating: 600 lines/mm, dispersion 1.1A/pixel (15 microns).
slit: 2" on the sky (approximativement). The arc lamps lines had FWHM less than 3 pixels with good focus. Use of the mode "vertical slit on sky".


- Configuration [1]:
Blue: 3500-4500A
Red: 6470-7550A
dichroic slide: reflecting 95% between 3300 and 5400A. Transparent 85% beyong 5800A.

- Configuration [2]:
Blue: 4475-5550A
Red: 7500-8570A
dichroic slide: reflecting 95% between 3800 and 5950A. Transparent 85% beyong 6750A.

- Configuration [3]:
Blue: 5510-6550A
Red: 8530-9650A
dichroic slide: as [2]. 50% lost and more in the blue beyong 6400A.

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