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Multi aperture Interferometry

L. Koechlin, P. R. Lawson, D. Mourard, A.Blazit, D. Bonneau, F.Morand, Ph. Stee, I.Tallon-Bosc, F.Vakili, "Dispersed fringe tracking with the multi-ro apertures of the Grand Interferometre a 2 Tˇlescopes" L. , Appl. Opt. 35, 3002--3009 (1996)
(pdf) 2-telescope interferometry (1996)

D. Mourard, D. Bonneau, L. Koechlin, A. Labeyrie, F. Morand, Ph. Stee, I. Tallon-Bosc, F. Vakili: "The mean angular diameter of d Cephei measured and pulsations detected by optical long-baseline interferometry". Astronomy & Astrophysics 317, 789 (1996)
(pdf) Measurements on Be star Delta Cephei (1996)

gravitational imaging

Using the gravitational field of the sun for gamma ray imaging (2005)
L.Koechlin, P. Von Ballmoos, D.Serre, T.Crouzil, "Multiwavelength Focusing with the Sun as Gravitational Lens", Experimental Astronomy special issue "Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics", 2005
(pdf) Solar Gravitational focussing 2005

Medical imaging

Imagerie medicale : topographie corneenne (2003)
L.Koechlin : "Topographie corneenne par mesure de front d'onde", journees SF2A "ASHRA" Bordeaux, juin 2003.
(ppt) Topographie corneenne 2003
Coeneal Topography (2005) S. Gruppetta, L. Koechlin, F. Lacombe, and P. Puget, "Curvature sensor for the measurement of the static corneal topography and the dynamic tear film topography in the human eye," Opt. Lett. 30, 2757-2759 (2005)
(pdf) Coeneal Topography 2005

Signal processing

Why there is a limit to the imaging capabilities of stellar interferometers (2002):
L.Koechlin, J-P. Perez : "A limit in Field-resolution ratio for interferometric arrays", Wesley A. Traub, Editor SPIE Proc Vol. 4838 411-415, "Interferometry for optical astronomy, II" Hawaii, august 2002
(pdf) A limit in Field-resolution ratio for interferometric arrays, 2002 SPIE Proc Vol. 4838 411-415.

Fresnel Imaging

Exoplanet detection with Fresnel arrays:
L.Koechlin, D.Serre, and P.Duchon, "High resolution imaging with Fresnel interferometric arrays: suitability for exoplanet detection" A&A 443, 709-720 (2005)
(pdf) High res. imaging with Fresnel arrays: exoplanet detection

a summary of our work on the Fresnel prototype in 2006
(pdf) FresnelArray Poster IAU Prague 2006.

un resume de notre travail sur le prototype en 2007
(pdf) Imageur de Fresnel documentation 2007

Our proposal to ESA in 2007 for a space mission with a Fresnel imager
(pdf) Proposal to ESA Cosmic Vision 2007
The "astrophysical missions" part of the proposal, accepted as a paper in Experimeltal Astronomy
(pdf) EXPA 2008

The new developments for Fresnel arrays applications in the UV domain (2007-08): two different presentations
(pdf) paper accepted at Astrophysics and Space Science 2008, NUVA El Escorial Spain
(ppt) slides at NUVA meeting El Escorial Spain 2007

Formation Flying for Fresnel arrays submitted to 3rd International Symposium on Formation Flying, Missions and Technologies, ESTEC
(pdf) Formation Flying, Missions and Technologies